Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Last days of Winter Break

In the bamboo jungle!

Sparky venturing into the jungle.

The entrance of the bamboo jungle!

Sparky in the creek he nearly drowned in.

Here he goes unaware how deep and swift the current was.

I missed the photo of him swimming for his life. He got in the creek and realized the water was swift and deep. Then he tried to come back to shore, but a floating log trapped him in the creek. It was very scary. But, he prevailed and made it out alive. Thank goodness!

Here Sparky is enjoying his day at the park and happy to be alive.

Watching kids play.

Playing fetch!

You're never too old to play on the playground.

Showing off my masterpiece.

The finished tile that was the big finish to winter break. Oh back to the grindestone!