Monday, February 27, 2012

All Juiced Up!!!!

I started my 3 day juice fast 4 days ago. I've since decided to extend it 6 more days for a total of 10. I'm considering trying for 30 after that. But, it seems more manageable if I do it in smaller increments than being overwhelmed at the thought of 30 days all at once.

The first day seemed relatively easy. I wasn't hungry. The juice seemed to satisfy my appetite. I did however rebel a bit that first day and indulged in Ghiradali Chocolate and some candy coated chocolate eggs. I don't know exactly why I chose to do that on the first day. But, I did. Guess it's the equalivelant to a drug addict getting high on the way to rehab.

The second day was a little tougher. I was fairly hungry and wanted something to chew and swallow. I had plans that night to go out to listen to some music. I knew I would likely have a drink. So, I did have a bowl of oatmeal. My rational was that it is natural, healthy fiber. My second rational was that I'd be drinking so my body would need some subsetance to absorb the alcohol. Even so, given that was the only thing I had other than juice the 2nd day, I am surprised that I wasn't hungrier. After having the oatmeal, I wasn't hungry the rest of the day.

Day three, a bit tougher yet. It seems each day I get a little hungrier than the day before. I was juicing per my hunger and I think I juiced about every 2 hours which seems about right. Eating every 2 hours whether its juicing or solid food is the best way to keep your blood sugar levels level and keep strong hunger pangs from pushing you into giving into not so healthy indulgences.

On day 3 I had some strong sugar cravings. They only lasted as long as it took me to juice a cantelope. If you have never juiced a cantelope I highly suggest you try, rind and all! It is incredibly sweet!!!!  Cantelopes are said to be the most nutrient of all fruits, loaded with Vitamin A, Vitamin C, beta carotenes and antioxidens.

If you want to read more about the benefits of juicing a cantaloupe try this link:


Drinking cantaloupe juice straight is a delicious treat. If you aren't into juicing as a meal, try it as a dessert! Wonderfully delicious and sweet!!

Another great juice drink with cantaloupe is to mix it with honeydew and green apples. Green apples cut down the sweetness a bit and add LOTS of nutrients as well. This morning I had 1/2 cantaloupe, 1/2 honeydew and 3 green apples for a wonderfully delicious breakfast.

Day 4, I had dreams of FOOD!! I dreamed of popcorn. Nevayah, my grand niece was eating some on the couch the night before. My favorite snack of all time! A bit of Johnny seasoning added for a punch of flavor and it is simply heaven.  So, while I salivated over her popcorn in the midst of drinking my spinach juice, I was feeling a bit deprived. My mind wasn't able to let that go while sleeping. However, the dream was more of a nightmare. For while I immensely enjoyed eating the popcorn, I also had horrific guilt afterwards. I couldn't believe I had worked so hard for the past 3 - 4 days to abstain from anything but my juicing, gotten my mindset into juicing wholeheartedly; Yet, I would blow it so quickly on a bowl of popcorn. I was absolutely devastated. So, when I awoke I can't tell you the relief I felt knowing it was all a wonderfully horrible dream.

That was not the end of my battle for food however. I also woke very hungry and wanting a solid meal for breakfast. A big bowl of oatmeal!!! Complete with brown sugar and butter. Ohhh...how wonderful. Fortunately, I recalled my remorse in my dream after the popcorn indulgence and dutifully went to my juicer. Much to my delight, in the end, for the juice I created was to die for. Yes, the juice I made this morning was purely heavenly, cantaloupe, honeydew and green apples. Once my body tasted that and got a dose off all those nutrients, it no longer wanted anything to do with oatmeal or popcorn.

If you are wondering why the juice fast?  In a nutshell, health!!!  I want to get my head back in a space of desiring healthy eating. I want to get my body back into a place of wanting healthy foods over processed, greasy, sugar laden prepackaged, preprepared everything. I want to lower my blood pressure, strengthen my heart, avoid diabetes and obesity which run in my family. I want to lose weight. I also want to boost my immune system. I want to avoid the brain fog I can frequently get, the fatigue I often have and the over all sluggish mental and physical state I was feeling.  So, these and a few other reasons are the motivating factor for me.

Day 4 and counting...

4 lbs down in 4 days...is a good motivator this morning. Now in terms of weight loss, just 7lbs more to go. But in terms of health and completing a body nutrient overhaul, 26 more days to go and my current state of mind is feeling confident that I'll make it.

UPDATE: It's the end of the work day with students. I'm typically completely and totally depleted by this time in the day. All I have energy, mental or physical energy, for is to clear up my desk. Then drag myself home. Walk the dogs, begrudingly, only because I am so disgustingly fatigued it's all I can do to muster the mental and physical energy to get the task done. The spirit is willing, even while I am continually frustrated at how warn out I feel most of the time. It saddens me at how much effort it takes to mentally make decisions to do things like walk the dogs when I know they need and it and my spirit wants it but my body and mind are depleted. Hark! There is light at the end of the tunnel.

This afternoon, it is the end of the day with students and I have the energy to clear my desk off, and prepare some lessons, put up a bulletin board and am looking forward to going home to walk the dogs and clean house. I feel mentally bright and physically full of life. The juice diet is working so well, I am thinking I don't want to ever go back to solid food. Oh, I know I have to at some point. But, for now ere the cough that lingers, I am feeling pretty darn good.