Thursday, February 25, 2010

Candida be gone!

Well, I've written one chapter of my book and am mulling over the topic of the next chapter. Since I've started this sugar free, gluten free, low carb regime I am thinking about blogging about that journey. It's been 2 weeks and I lost 3 lbs and then gained 3 lbs, then lost 2 lbs. So, not sure what's going on with my weight. But, in terms of the candida, it's angry my friend! Very angry. I can feel it multiplying and going to battle. It's in the fight for it's life and it's not going to win! I am coming at it with all guns loaded, strategically, offensively and defensively. It will not conquer me, I will dominate it and demolish it! Candida be gone!

It's so confusing! Do I eat something with Splenda and 0 carbs, because after all I am counting carbs since yeast feeds on it. But, then do I believe that even though it's sugar free with zero carbs does that mean it's not going to convert to glucose once I eat/drink it? If my goal is to stay at 7 or lower carbs is that per meal, or per item, or per serving? For example if I am to stay at 7 carbs or lower per meal and I have 1/2 an Atkins bar that has 14 carbs does that mean I stayed at my 7 carb count? Or if I drink a V8 at 3 carbs and then eat celery with cashew butter that has 5 carbs have I exceeded by carb count of 7 carbs? Last of all, the live cultures in yogurt are supposed to help get the balance of good/bad yeast/bacteria back in my system so I should eat it. But, even plain yogurt far exceeds 7 carbs! It's like 19!! Does that mean I can have 1/4 serving to stay in my 7 carb count range, or does that mean I can't have any of it because it also has 18 sugar grams, even though no sugar is added. I mean really. How does one ingest yogurt to get the live cultures, yet not have dairy because it has too many natural sugars and too much mold or whatever. Geesh, I'm confused!