Monday, October 25, 2010

Living with Passion

Well it's been a while since I've put a chapter together. Today I'm home with the chickenpox and figured what better use of my time than to put together the chapter I've had in mind for months now. The focus of the book I'm working on is living successfully single. Being successfully single means finding a sense of purpose, meaning, and fulfillment while being a singleton. Typically find our sense of fulfillment, purpose and meaning within the context of our families and within the contest of our jobs. But predominately it's found within our relationship and in our role of husband/wife mother/father. However, when a person is single that opportunity to find purpose in those types of relationships is stripped away and/or absent. So how do you feel that need? I've found that I can satisfy this void by becoming passionate about my own life and finding ways to give of myself in other ways.

Passion. I admire anyone who is passionate in life about something. Nothing is sadder than seeing a person living their life without any sense of passion. In the past a lot of that passion I had inside me was directed at my relatioship with my boyfriend. In the absense of that relationship I was suddenly reeling trying to find focus for all this energy I had that needed a direction. The direction I pointed it toward was music. I had always wanted to learn to play the guitar and to sing. I didn't know how to do either but had always had a deep desire and longing to make music. While in my relationship with my boyfriend I tried picking up the guitar a time or two but since I hadn't yet learned how to play and had expected I would be making beautiful music within a very short time I soon became frustrtated and would give it up. My boyfriend also didn't enjoy my practice time and I was embarrased to play or practice in front of him so I ended up putting my guitar away giving up that desire.

Well, in the end I gave up said boyfriend and got back to my original desire, my guitar! I have found it gives me much more pleasure than my ex ever did. It's more loyal to me as well. The gifts it gives me will be and are more long lasting than any the previously mentioned person did. So, my advise to you is, pick up whatever your passionate about and hold on tight, it'll take you on a wild, amazing and fulfilling ride.