Saturday, July 19, 2008

Big day at the art fair with Aunt Lisa

I posted pics of Kadin and Naomi's big day with Aunt Lisa and Grandma. We packed a lot in today!! The chocolate store, the playground, lunch and cotton candy, necklace making, ocean globe making, face painting, listening to music, bug catching, dog walking, fun with silly string....dinner and lot's of laughing and fun! Enjoy the pics.


Davindia said...

How fun Lisa! This is the first time seeing current pics of Kadin and Naomi. They look SO much like Sherri. I'm now wanting a candied apple just like yours! LOL

I've been looking for RV parks in the area thinking it would be fun to come down for a visit and do a little camping. I'll keep you posted on that idea!

Sending Love! Davindia

Lisa said...

That sounds great Davindia! It would be fantastic to spend a few days camping.