Saturday, January 28, 2012


Lately I've been thinking about something of mine. For now, I'll just refer to it as my "doohickey." This doohickey of mine, not to be confused with a dickey. They are too very different animals. This doohickey of mine seems to take up an awful lot of my time. As a matter of fact, this very minute I should still be asleep but I'm not because I'm using my doohicky. This seems to happen a terrible amount of time. I wonder how many other people are sleep deprived because of their doohickys? I wonder how many others have their hands gently resting on their doohicky as mine are at this moment? I know many are jealous of my doohickey and covet one just like the one I have. Most people, nay nearly everyone has a doohickey of their own. Some share theirs with others. There are some that are strickly for sharing. I don't care much for these social doohickies who have had all sorts of hands stroking them. They seem too unclean, misused and abused to be of any interest to me. I much prefer using my doohickey in the privacy of my own home. Other people are quite stingy with their doohickies and only they are allowed to touch it. I'll admit that I'm a little uneasy about using another person's doohickey. Many consider their personal doohickey to be quite private and wouldn't allow another hand to come near them. I don't mind sharing mine. I don't feel as comfortable using another person's doohickey as I do about allowing others near mine. Nonetheless I am cautious about who I allow to get close to my doohickey. I am never far when another has my doohickey. I am always careful to warn the person to be gentle and cautious when handling my doohickey. For it is priceless and full of intimate secrets. One can learn an incredible amount about another when handling their doohickey.

Doohickies come in all shapes and sizes. They aren't really a one size fits all. Although many think they should be or that they are. I have been on a few different types of doohickies. I can defintely tell the difference in handling them. I much prefer some over others. They do all have the same utility and serve the same purpose and function in much of the same way. Even so, each has it's own personality and should be approached a bit differently.

There are 2 general types of doohickies. Most prefer one over the other. Not many people can use both. They operate in two very distinct manners and each are lovely and useful for their given purpose. But, it does seems the general population have a preference. Few people who like one will also like the other. I myself have tried both. I do prefer the type I'm most familiar with. Although it is a little exciting to get my hands on the type I don't get to use or see often. I'm told many feel the other kind is more valuabe and doesn't catch viruses as easily. I think if I had more experience with this style of doohickey I may prefer it over mine. It just takes a bit of getting used to handling this other kind. I would like to get my hands on one more often. But, they can be scarce. So until I do, I'll just have to settle with the one I have and get the most use out of it as I can taking special care as not to get a virus.I also know that the type of doohickey I have is longed for by many and many would love to get their hands on one. So, I keep a very close monitor on mine and know who is around it at all times. It's never out of my sight or far from my grasp.

I hate to admit I've had more than my share of viruses. I think most of us are nervous about catching one on our own doohickey. They can be difficult to clear up once infected. It can also be a bit embarrassing because when people find out that your doohickey has caught a virus you know they are wondering what you've been doing with it. Many will assume you've been up to no good in the privacy of your own home with your doohickey and that is why it became vulnerable to a virus. This isn't the case however. Oh, I'll admit, those doohickies that are used by lots of people and shared with an indiscrimate amount of users will become infected. It's guaranteed. It's only a matter of when and how badly infected it'll become. Some may even die as a result of a serious infection. But this is not typically the case thank goodness. Usually your doohickey can be cleaned up and back to full operation in a short amount of time. Just be very careful not to use it until it is clear of the virus. If you do choose to use your infected doohickey you run the risk of infecting others. Once they discover you were the one who gave them the virus, most people won't let you near theirs again. Many people will never trust you to be near their doohickey again if they even suspect it was you who brought them the virus. It is a very serious matter and is one of great public concern. In some instances it has become an epidemic and general populations are warned on news channels and in newspapers and magazines to stay away from social predators that are out to infect your doohickey. It is very important to be discriminate who you allow to touch your doohickey. But also who you need to be aware of what other doohickeys that come into contact with yours have been exposed too. To become infected one doesn't even have to have come anywhere near the original source of the virus. One only needs to be in contact with another who has been in contact with someone who may have given it to them. It's a very tricky matter. The virus can spread very quickly if everyone isn't vigilint about protecting his/her own doohickey. It is best to error on the side of caution when it comes to protecting your personal doohickey.

Well, my doohickey has kept me up a while now. I sometimes fear I may have a serious addiction to my doohickey. It's time to remove my fingertips and pull myself out of this doohickey's grasp and get some shut eye. Please be careful with your doohickey. Respect it. Take very good care of it. Don't expose it to viruses or pass them onto another if you have one. Stop it's use until it has a good bill of health. Incidently many name their doohickey. Mine is Android. What is yours?

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