Monday, December 29, 2008

Deep Listening

Merry Christmas and onto new beginnings with the New Year!

I must be squeezing her too tight, she doesn't seem to be enjoying the hug as much as I am! Sorry Naomi. Perhaps she sees what Erik is up to on the computer. Pretty scary for me too Naomi.

Ahhh!!! Snuggling with Mom. Much more fun!

Not sure Sparky is enjoying my hug any more than Naomi was. I must perfect my amount of pressure. Perhaps I was more tense than I realized. We do look a tad tense, don't we? Hmm......

Oh, now that is more like it!

Not sure anyone is really going to enjoy listening to this! Hm...oh well...I must do what moves me....prepare yourselves!

Ahhhh....Our ears do perk up when Bud and Sherri begin talking about food! Place your orders. Thank you Sherri for the best tasting Chicken Parmesan EVER. And I do mean EVER. It was delectable! Bud, your Pesto smelled divine as well. Can't wait to come back for the taste test.

I'd like to remember what I was listening to here. Or, maybe not....

Oh....the sweetest pair(s) of listening ears ever!
So why the segue into listening. Well, I must be clairvoyant because the next chapter in my book study True Love is titled Deep Listening which is how I wrapped up my previous chapter summary last post. Every day we may say or do something that causes an "internal knot" in the person we love. This knot sort of festers and grows in the person we love without our even being aware of it. Then the knot becomes sort of like a bomb ready to explode at the slightest of tremors. Sensing there is something stirring under the surface, you may want to avoid the rumblings and steer clear of the bomb. This only leads to more internal rumblings because the person you love feels you're intentionally avoiding them and their suffering only increases. When this happens True Love suggests practising the act of deep listening with calm and understanding to ease your loved ones suffering. This type of listening requires letting go of pride as the previous chapter mentioned. This sort of deep listening requires no words, just breathing deeply, keeping your heart open and practising the act of deep listening.
As I mentioned a while back, forgive me if these posts appear overly indulgent or "preachy" telling you things you already know. The purpose isn't to inform you as much as it is helping me process the information I'm learning. So, again...self indulgent I know...but it is my blog. (-:

Okay, just for fun tell me what your favorite things to listen to are. Some of mine, are a crackling campfire, laughter, children asking questions, and Sparky growling under his breath for attention.
More Christmas photos coming soon....

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