Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Little Of This, A Little of That

Sparky and I showing off my new bedroom set that I truly LOVE! What you can't see is the long dresser with the mirror and the flat screen tv that completes the package very nicely. This is the coziest spot in my home now. I just sit on the bed and read, knit, watch television, talk on the phone, drink tea and watch tv and of course sleep. It is the coziest spot in my house. Where is the coziest spot in your home?

Now onto True Love, the book study I started a few weeks ago.

I chose this photo because it depicts a very simple way of being present with the one you love. Just being together can be enough for the one you love.

True Love, when I left off I had just summed up the chapter on the 4 elements of true love and how to be present with the one you love. The next chapter sort of piggy backs on the being present issue to how to recognize the presence of the one you love. Being there is the first step, the second is recognizing your loved ones presence. "To love is to be; to be loved is to be recognized by the other.". That is sooo very true. In my last relationship this was a huge missing piece. I often didn't feel recognized, but felt quite the opposite. I often felt like a nick nack that was just laying around to be taken off the shelve to be admired when the one I loved felt the need to admire me and then was placed back on the shelve to wait for the next session of admiration. It won't take long for the one you love to grow tired of waiting to be recognized. It really is such an easy task to truly love, just recognize the presence of those around you and be present in the moment with them.

The next chapter talks about overcoming pride. I can sum this chapter up in a phrase. In true love there is no room for pride. The chapter states that part of overcoming pride is going to the person you love and sharing your suffering with them. Especially if the suffering is being caused by the one you love. Let go of your pride and let the one you love know of your suffering. My note to that is to also let go of your pride when the one you love is sharing their suffering. Sometimes it can be hard to let your loved one know of your suffering because the one you love can take your sharing as a personal attack, letting their pride cloud their ability to truly listen to what you are trying to share.

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