Sunday, April 18, 2010

Taking a break.

Trying to get back to the days when I felt attractive. I felt attractive last summer when this photo was taken. So, I'm posting it here to remind me. Even though I was with someone at the time who didn't make me feel good inside, I felt great about the outside. This year I'm working harder at feeling great about the inside AND the outside. Today don't feel great about either. BUT, I am happy with the progress I HAVE and am making. Just NOT there yet. There remains one NAGGING issue that keeps haunting me. I so want to put it to bed!!!!!
I've been doing all the things I mentioned in the last post. I started the guitar club and did it faithfully for a month or more. Cancelled today just because so many different things came up. I'm thinking about changing it to Thursday evening when my guitar class is over in just 2 more weeks. I've been enjoying the class so much, I think I'll take another when its over, or I may start private lessons then. I'll have to see what happens.
A little sad today about my impending birthday. Turning 45. Well over middle aged and yet the things that I long to be successful at I'm not yet. I'm working really hard at most of them, not hard enough at others and some I'm working as hard as I can and seem to be slipping and not making any leeway whatsoever!!!
I'm glad I'm taking care of my body in terms of walking everyday, yoga weekly, (though I REALLY want to pick that up to 3x weekly), improving my guitar playing, bringing more life and energy into my home, improving the look of my home, improving my attitude, communication both personally and professionally, being more selfless while taking good care of myself at the same time. Taking a break from FB because it was starting to consume too much of my time and thoughts.
I plan to use that extra time to organize my home, write chapter two of my book, practice my guitar and do some type of aerobic, weight training or yoga at home. Boy, if I can do all that during my normal FB time. FB WAS TOO BIIIIGGGG in my life.
PS: If you still recieve these posts and no longer wish to, please let me know. I don't remember who is on my "post" list. I may cancel that list all together. I'll have to figure out how to do that.

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