Monday, December 12, 2011


All the above photos were taken in the last 12 months. At that time, I felt fairly confident in my appearance, while in my head admitting  and accepting my many flaws.  I was still able to appreciate the things I liked about my appearance, accepted the things I didn't like and worked on changing the things I had control over. Today, I'm grateful there hasn't been any photos taken of me. I dread the moment I see someone pull a camera out. I feel like a fraud keeping photos like these even visible, because they are not an accurate representation of what I look like at this moment, even though they are all fairly recent w/in a year. The photo with my shorter hair was maybe 6 weeks ago.

Can hair really make THAT much difference? I've had a string of bad, short hairstyles in the past 6 months.  Consoling myself with "it'll grow" at the same time working at releasing my vanity and accepting my appearance regardless of what it is, so long as I am taking good care of myself. Well, I haven't been doing the latter very well either. So, as of today I am starting a 30 days to a better me routine. Actually I began it in full force yesterday. I've been toying with it by trying to fit in daily walks more often. I do walk daily because I'm walking Sparky. But I'm referring to a longer more aerobic type of walking. With my diet, I've been extraordinarily careless about. That is about to change. I have a juicer, and a fridge STOCKED, I mean STOCKED with fresh fruit and veggies. A fruit bowl on the counter. A pot of roasted red pepper and squash soup that I made yesterday which will last me about 3 days to get through. I am determined to change the things I can. Aging happens. Can't help that. I'm glad for it as a matter of fact.  Where would I be w/out it? 6 ft under that's where. So, for every day that I age I'm ever so grateful. I will respect my body, soul/spirit, mind and emotional well  being on a higher level from this day forward. I've done a fairly good job at some of those, but the body part has been the most neglected. 

My goal? 10 lbs lighter in 30 days. So, that means by Jan 12 I'll be 115 lbs. Yes, I'm 125 lbs. Not afraid to admit that. Mostly because 125 is generally thought of as thin. However, those of you who are on the vertical challenge list you know what I'm talking about. For a person barely 5 "1" 125 isn't a healthy weight.

My second goal is to have my blood pressure lowered to a healthy normal rate. It's very out of sorts and dangerous at the moment. The medication for it, is having an adverse affect on my asthma and causing me great difficulty in just normal daily functioning.  I firmly believe this (blood pressure) can be controlled with an increase in exercise and in healthy eating, coupled by a decrease in processed foods and sugar.  I'm listing my "stats" today and will come back in 30 days and list them again. We'll see how well my 30 Days to a Better Me goes.

Weight 125lbs
BP 180/135  *Yikes!
w\bp meds it varies by typically 135/95. Better to have 135 on the top than the bottom number.

*I want to be off the bp meds, have my asthma under control, be eating healthier and craving healthier foods (I think the body reacts to whatever diet it gets and craves that thing. Hence the more I eat healthfully, the more my body will crave healthy food.)
*I want to be walking at least 5 miles a day, EVERY DAY!
*I want to be attending yoga classes at the gym at least 2x per week (hopefully 3!)
* I want to spend at least 1 day a week doing weight training. I know it should more, but I want to get these goals met first, then increase exercise goals.

***I just wonder how often I'll get to my music? It has monopolized my time for a while now. It's now taking a backseat. Everything has it's time and day in the sun. I think it's appropriate now for healthy balance that Taylor (guitar) remain in the shade for  a bit.

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