Monday, December 12, 2011

Random Thoughts

I'm trying to rest my voice because I've been battling asthma and intermittent laryngitis. As a result I have all these random thoughts spinning round my brain trying to find a way out. Plus there's no one here to hear my thoughts anyway.. Let me rephrase, no human here. Sparky would listen to everything that I have to say. It just doesn't quite take the place of a pair of human ears. So, I've decided to blog my thoughts. It doesn't matter to me whether anyone reads them. Nonetheless, having them out of my brain is helpful, blogging serves this purpose. Here I go with my random thoughts:

  • I love coming home whether I'm driving up the road to my home, or coming home from a walk with Sparky. I love approaching my house and seeing the Christmas lights all lit up. I love seeing the clean, manicured yard and know that pleasant feeling I'm having at the sight of this view is a direct result of my work and doing. It's all mine. It's because of me and it belongs to me. Makes me smile.
  • While I'm trying to type this, the cat (Sterling) wants on my lap and of course on the key board I'm using. Sparky is watching, JEALOUS! I feel like I'm cheating on my lover. Sterling is on my lap and rubbing her face in mine. Sparky is glaring with a death stare. He then tries to get in my lap as well. Sterling lets him know that's not acceptable with a serious and fierce "mmeeeeeeoooooowwww" in a low drone. Finally, I have to upset her even more which pleases Sparky immensely. She needs to get off my lap so I can actually get these random thoughts out. She does, begrudgingly - but she does. Oh now, she's repaying me by sitting in front of me and grooming her arse. Spectacular.
  • I think I should be an author and write my living single combo cook book. I am cooking up a storm now. Just loving being in my kitchen. Still can't believe this is my home. I  love this space. Cooking in it and filling it w/the smell of spices, and veggies frying and hearing the crackling of the butter and oil sparking in the pan is heavenly.
  • I wish someone were here to enjoy the lights and decorations with me.
  • I wish someone were here to have a gentle conversation by the fire while enjoying my roasted red pepper and squash soup.
  • Incidental , the soup or what's left of it will become roasted pepper pumpkin yam soup tomorrow. YUM!!
I know I have plenty more random thought rattling around the recesses of  my mind but they have decided to take a nap now that I'm actually sitting here typing. Sterling (cat) on the other hand is rattling all around me and my lap trying to get my focus and hands off of the keyboard so SHE can occupy my lap and get my hand's attention rather than this rectangular distraction.

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