Friday, January 11, 2013

South Beach Diet

Day 3

Guess what?  I'm on a diet again!!! Can you believe it? Shocking, I know!!! This one I am very confident in. I have heard good things about it for years but always believed it'd be too difficult for me to do because I wouldn't be abl to keep up with preparing everything, all my meals fresh. I don't have time at work to prepare lunch, don't have time before work to prepare a breakfast and am too tired afterwork to prepare a dinner. However, all of this "too little time" had left me eating everything preprepared, preprocessed, sugar, carb filled crap. Consequently I was feeling my health decline rapidly. I rarely had physical, or mental energy to do little else but sleep and eat. Everything was becoming a chore, including getting out of bed. Didn't seem to matter what I tried to change my mood, frame of mind, or the way I felt was working. I was gaining weight, LOTS of it. My clothes didn't fit me anymore and I didn't like myself one little teeny tiny bit. So, in a last ditch effort I decided I MUST change my diet. It sincerely felt like my life was depending on it. I could myself loosing my life to a slow miserable agonizing existence much like someone I know and did not, do not want to see my life become like this persons. Yet down that road I was headed and needed to create a new path for myself. So, I researched many diets, I 've always had good luck with Jenny Craig, but it is very exspensive. All the diets are. I looked at Nutrisystems, Medifast, and others. Then I tried the South Beach diet online. Relatively inexspensive, less than $10.00 which supplies you with a menu, a multitude of recipes, and discounts on several books from how the diet works to cookbooks. I knew having a preplanned menu was good for me. It elminates last minute choices and decisions regarding what to fix and eliminates purchasing quality foods that I forget I have and they go bad, or I am unable to prepare them in a creative way that is appetizing. So, the preplanned menu and recipes took all that "guess" work away for me.

So, here I am at day 3! Already feeling better!! I simply can't believe how quick the change has been. The meals are quick, easy to prepare, and nutritious.  I must leave for work now. I will post recipes this weekend...Asian Meatballs, Pumpkin Spice Creme and more!!!

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