Thursday, November 6, 2008

2008's Harvest Party

My good friend Marianne. A great walking and talking partner. Thank you Marianne for all the miles you've shared with me!

Nancy helped us kick off the fall season by being the best Cable Car Martiniti Mixologist in town!

As I've said, the fall is my favorite season. So, I decided to have a party to celebrate my favorite season with some of my favorite friends. We ate, laughed, talked, DANCED, and had a super fantastic time. I am so glad Lori, Nancy, Chris, Marriane, Jean and My mom could make it. My party was a great success due to great friends like Chris and Mom for helping set things up. Thank you to Nancy for preparing martinis! Thank you to Lori for bringing the salad and to Marriane for bringing the wonderful croissants which we'll enjoy at breakfast! What's a party without food! Here we are getting ourselves served up.

Bon Apetit'!

Jean and I enjoying the Cable Car's that Nancy prepared.

Chris proudly displaying her Cable Car!

My famous Mac & Cheese. Tune back in a day or so for the recipe. I'll post it on this blog.

Nancy's mixology lab.

Lori's awesome salad and Mom's beautiful display. Yummy candied apples waiting for the taking.

Enjoying the harvest meal. Pumpkin soup, mac & cheese, salad and of course Cable Car Martinis.

Great friends and just all around wonderful ladies that make my life infinitely better!
Nancy, Chris and Jean.


Okay Jean, move the hand up. I think you've had too many cable cars! (-:

Lori and Chris, such beautiful smiles!

My wonderful one of a kind mom! She helped me soooo very much prepare for this party. The sweetest lady to walk the planet with a heart bigger than than the universe.

Nancy and Lori contemplated how to solve the worlds issues.

Chris and Marianne just say "Eat, Love Pray. It'll all be okay!"

Just happy to be spending time together. Or just happy to be drinking martinis!

Warming up for our big night out dancing.

Making sure everything is in place before heading out to DANCE.

Ohhhh! Dancing, finally! Baby boomers dance. Even though technically, I'm not a baby boomer. I danced my socks off anyway!

Nancy having the time of her life.

Sharing a laugh and a jig.

Marianne and Chris. New friends having a great time at the dance.

Jean showing off her skills.

Jean looking like all is well in the world.

No one can shake her booty like Chris.

Good friends and making connections is what life is all about. These ladies have each taught me that in one way or another. Thank you! To my friends who couldn't make it. You were sorely missed and we thought about you, and talked about you....just a little. Mostly how much we missed your presence.

My niece Emily with my nephew Kadin, both just hamming it up! Does it get any sweeter?

With my sisters Sherri, and Lori. Lori is trying her best to keep her eyes open. They seem to magically disappear whenever a camera is in sight. This is after our meal at Chipotles which we had after the Dave Ramsey Seminar on Saturday. Thank you Lori and Paul for inviting me. A life changing experience!

I just thought this was a funny picture. We were trying to figure out how to work the timer on camera.

Paul finally got it working and could join us in the picture. Paul is the biggest man in the photo and married to the littlest girl. Opposites create balance and harmony. So, I guess they are very balanced and harmonious together!

Sherri looking very lovely showing off her "buyers remorse" purchase. The purse she loved until she got it home. Oh well Sherri. We all pay "stupid tax" as Dave Ramsey says. Although the purse is lovely.

Some of my favorite reds in the fall that I passed by on my Sunday walk with Dear Sparky.

More beautiful foliage from my Sunday walk.

Sparky waiting for me on the trail. Such a gentlemen. He's waiting for me to catch up. This is my favorite part of my weekend walks, going through this small patch of woods.

Sparky leading the way.

Helen, these photos are for you to live the season vicariously!

I'll just say it one last time. I love the red foliage.

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