Monday, November 10, 2008

A weekend of Cable Cars, Family, Friends, Love, Laughter, Dancing and Fun!

My great niece Nevaya. She thought it was the coolest thing to be up high in the "tall" chairs.
Naomi just wanted to be a good aunt and love up to her little niece!

Kadin and Naomi are sure enjoying their candied apples. But it looks like someone behind Naomi is about to enjoy their Cable Car Martini even more!

Proudly displaying the evidence of having just enjoyed a carmel apple!

My nephew Dustin and his wife Aubree. Such a beautiful couple aren't they? No pressure Dustin and Aubree, but you two would have beautiful children!

Amanda and Naomi taking in a waft of Scentsy wax.

Naomi, little wonder of Grace smelling another scent.

My two wonderful nieces Desaree and Amanda sharing a laugh.

Bud is trying to explain just how Sarah Palin manages to get that perfect coif every time.

Little bundles of sweetness.

Sparky and Kadin share a special bond. Especially when Kadin has something to eat in his hand!

The gang! We don't all get together near often enough. Thank you Aubree, Amanda, Desaree and Dustin for coming over for dinner. I miss you and love it whenever we can spend time together! Kadin, Naomi, Nevaya and Little Bobbi enjoying themselves immensly!

Can you tell they are related? Look at those smiles! I'm a happy aunt indeed!

Like I said. I'm a happy aunt!

Family get togethers aren't like they used to be. Once we thumbed through magazines, or played card and board games. Now we get out the laptops and research world affairs. I'm sure that's what Mom and Sherri are doing.

Meanwhile Kadin is doing his work the old fashioned way, with a pen and whiteboard.

In the background you can see Naomi moving onto technology. No time for pens and whiteboards. She's got bigger ideas.

I think she's trying to see how Obama will solve global warming and universal healthcare.

Like daughter, like mother.

Auntee Desi and baby Roberto/Bobbi.
How blessed I am with family and friends to enlighten and enrich my life. This should be all the partying I'll do until Thanksgiving. Check back often for recipes coming to a blog near you!

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