Saturday, November 22, 2008

Putting on a Brave Face

Life is made up of people who enhance our lives by bringing us joy, bringing us laughter, bringing us love and showing us kindess and generosity. Some show us a better side of ouselves that we didn't even know we had. Others show us empathy and sensitivity which helps to uplift us when we need someone's strength to lean on. But, there are others who bring us pain and sorrow. These people also show us a side of ourselves we didn't know we had good, or bad. I suppose all roles are necessary and life gives us the good with the bad. The bad helps us recognize and appreicate the good. Without a good cry, I couldn't completely appreciate a hearty laugh or moment of joy. To those who've made me cry. Thank you. Thank you for giving me the harmonious balance of feeling life deeply. I choose for myself today to be a source of joy, laughter and love to those that pass my way. I no longer have time for people who settle themselves in sorrow and want to wrap that chain of misery around my waist and drag me down with them. The chains are broken and I'm light as a feather, soaring free as a bird.

Here are some friends that share love, joy and laughter with me. Who have lent me their shoulders to cry on and given me strength when I couldn't find any on my own. Thank you! And Kelly - Here's to a wonderful life journey with the man you love. May it be filled with joy, laughter, love, kindess and passion!

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